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When will we receive the product I ordered?

Bank Approval Can Be Received Instantly for Your Orders Placed by Credit Card and Your Order Can Be Started in the Preparation Phase Immediately. The payment you have made for your money transfer orders is monitored by checking our accounts at the beginning of each working day, and the orders for which payment has arrived are taken to the preparation stage. If there is any problem during the supply phase of the products in your order, all information about the product is sent to your e-mail address registered in our system by our store officials. The products you purchase from are delivered to the cargo company to be delivered to you as soon as possible. After receiving the packages, the cargo companies deliver the packages to your address in the regions where delivery is made to the address, and to the relevant cargo branch in the regions where delivery to the address cannot be made, within 3 business days depending on your region.

Which Cargo Company Will My Order Be Sent With?

Our company has agreements with many cargo companies. Sometimes, there may be a delay in deliveries due to reasons that prevent or slow down regional deliveries.

How will I know if my order has been shipped?

When your orders placed on our site are delivered to the cargo, cargo shipping information about your order is automatically sent to your e-mail address registered in our system. When you log in to, you can view your orders in the My Account section and view the status of your order instantly.

Will I Pay Any Fees When I Receive My Order?

There is absolutely no extra fee charged during delivery. If the Cargo Officer Asks You for Any Fee, Please Contact Us.

My Order Arrived Defective or Wrong What Should I Do?

When your order is delivered to you by the cargo officer, you must check the outer package for damage before receiving it and prepare a 'Damage Assessment Report' in case of any damage. Another Point You Should Pay Attention to Regarding the Damage Assessment Report is the Explanations Made by the Cargo Officers in the Report. For example, `There is no damage to the package. A report such as 'The product is damaged' will be interpreted as meaning that the product was not damaged during transportation, thus creating problems during exchange. Be sure to warn the officer to keep a complete and accurate report of your damaged product. For example; When the product arrived, it was checked and found to be damaged.

In case of damage that you notice after receiving your order, you must immediately inform your cargo branch and request assistance in preparing a damage report. If you cannot get the necessary help from the cargo branch, just inform Ledstop.Net. As a result of having the cargo officer prepare the report and delivering the product to us, your exchange process will be completed quickly and you will be informed.

Important: You must send your damaged product to us with the cargo company that delivered it to you.

My bill was not delivered with my order. What should I do?

All orders delivered by cargo are delivered to the cargo company according to the invoice and with the invoice. Our Official Invoices Are An Integral Part Of Your Sent Order. Your invoice is delivered to you in a transparent plastic pocket bag, outside the parcel containing your order. If for any reason the invoice in this pocket is not delivered to you by the cargo company, please remind the cargo officer and insistently request it. Please keep a record of the invoice that could not be delivered despite all your requests and notify us. The cargo company will find it as soon as possible or a stamped copy will be sent to you as the original.

The Product That Received Is Not the Product I Ordered? (Number, Color or Product Code Different)

You can replace the faulty product by calling or send it to us by courier along with the Return/Exchange Form and Invoice. Once the product reaches us, an exchange will be made and the correct product will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Not All of the Products in My Order Received Me?

If the products specified in the invoice are not included in the package, ask the cargo officer to keep a report and contact us.

What if no one is at the address at the time of delivery?

If the Cargo Officer Cannot Find Anyone at the Address, He Leaves a "Cargo Notification Note" and Brings the Cargo Back to the Branch. In this case, the cargo must be collected from the branch by the buyer within 3 days.

Can I Change the Recipient Name or Address After Ordering?

If Your Order Has Not Been Shipped Yet, You Can Change the Receiver Name or Address. The cargo officer who will come to your address will check your identity and make delivery to the name you provided.

What Should Be Considered During Cargo Delivery?

The Product Included in Your Order from Ledstop.Net

When the items reach you, you can open and check the cargo package after signing the delivery receipt while the cargo officer is with you. If there is any mistake or deficiency in the package content, you can prepare a cargo report and send it back to us or provide information. In such cases, if you experience any problems with the cargo officer, we kindly request you to inform us immediately. Necessary intervention will be made by us as soon as possible and your problem will be solved.

From Which Cities Can I Order?

You can order from anywhere in Turkey. We do not have any location restrictions within Türkiye. Deliveries of products can only be made in the regions where the cargo company we work with is located. Since delivery cannot be made in regions where our contracted cargo company does not have a branch, our customers may need to go to the cargo branch where the package can be delivered and collect the package in person.

Can I order from abroad?

For International Shipments, You Must Write the Cargo Company You Want to Use in the Order Note. Since the shipping cost is determined at the time of shipment, the cost will be notified to you at the e-mail address registered in the system. Please inform us by depositing the shipping fee to any of the Bank Account Information on our Site. Once the price appears in the account, the cargo shipping process will begin.

Domestic Shipping Time is 2-3 Days on Average for All Provinces. Our company is not responsible for the delay after shipment.